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MV2 MES solution delivers manufacturing visibility and velocity with production and data management built on 35 years of manufacturing experience.
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Always On

Manufacturing 24/7… then your MES should be “Always On.”

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MV2 Manufacturing Execution Software solves the challenge of reliably collecting and analyzing production data. MV2 MES collects needed operational data directly from machines and production operations regardless of whether Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other systems are online or not. In instances where that dialog with upper-level business systems is down (whether scheduled or unplanned), MV2 can keep your shop floor operating efficiently.

Digital Work Instructions

Get more efficiency with less errors using digital work instructions.

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For most manufacturing facilities, work instructions, job packets or travelers are the way information is distributed across the floor. Information about the build process, BOMs, checklists and routing steps are stuffed into plastic envelopes and distributed to certain points on the shop floor. This process does not have to be the only way to get information to the floor.


ERP Portability & Compatibility

The flexibility to scale with you and the ability to work with any ERP.

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Small or Large, Single site or Multiple sites it doesn’t matter; MV2 gives you flexibility to expand your MES solution as your business grows. Manufacturing Execution Systems and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems work together, but handle data differently. Our highly experienced team of integration experts bridge this gap and make MV2 MES compatible with various ERP solutions.

Hybrid Cloud

Supporting both Cloud and On-Prem deployments.

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MV2 MES adapts to your needs. Deploy it on-premise, in the cloud, or use a hybrid approach. This flexibility ensures seamless integration and a smooth future transition to the cloud, at your own pace. MV2 offers comprehensive support, including monitoring, updates, and on-site integration for maximized performance.


Machines communicate real-time data directly, eliminating manual input and boosting efficiency.

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MV2 unlocks the power of IIoT data. It collects real-time production info from various sources and stores it centrally, allowing for in-depth analysis to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and optimize job scheduling. Customers have seen significant improvements in data entry accuracy, labor tracking, and scrap reduction.

KPI's & Dashboards

Visualize real-time production data, eliminating spreadsheets & paper for better decision-making.

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MV2’s KPI & Dashboard provides a real-time window into your production floor. See key metrics like good parts, scrap rates, and downtime indicators visualized on customizable charts. This empowers you to identify trends, anticipate potential issues, and make data-driven decisions to optimize production and improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). No more waiting for manual updates or relying on error-prone paper logs. MV2’s Dashboard keeps you informed and in control.


Select the applications you need to accomplish current demands, and add more as your goals or needs require.

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MV2’s MES system offers a modular approach. Start with the functionalities you need now (production, inventory, etc.) and add more (attendance, quality) as your operations grow and data collection expands. This scalable solution helps you get the most out of your MES system without upfront overspending.

Eliminate Paper

Get more throughput with less paper. View up to date shop packets, work instructions, drawings and other documents.

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Paper-based shop floor management hinders responsiveness, data accuracy, and valuable insights. MV2 is your digital solution to increased production efficiency by providing real-time data, reducing human error, collecting vast amounts of data for analysis, and allowing mobile access for managers. This can significantly improve throughput at a lower cost than traditional methods.


Small or large, single or multiple sites, easily expand as your business grows.

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Don’t be restricted by a rigid system! A scalable MES solution like MV2 adapts to your needs. As your business expands, seamlessly add features and functionality to optimize production across multiple sites or a growing workforce. This ensures you always have the right tools to maximize efficiency, improve decision-making, and stay ahead of the curve.

Production Monitoring

Real-time data and alerts at every level of your production process.

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MV2’s MES offers configurable data collection, allowing you to tailor the level of granularity to your specific needs. This flexibility ensures you capture the most impactful production metrics, empowering data-driven decision making for optimal efficiency.

All-in-one Manufacturing Software Solution

Your one-stop for a smarter shop floor. This powerful production software tracks employee attendance, monitors inventory levels in real-time, and provides detailed production data. Eliminate data silos and gain complete control over your manufacturing operations with MV2’s all-in-one solution.

Why Cloud-based MES?

A cloud-based MES gives you the ability to implement, scale, and pivot quickly to meet your business needs. Learn more about the advantages and security integrations of MV2.

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Track attendance, inventory, production, and more with the all-in-one MV2 manufacturing operations management software solution. Learn more about the MV2 modules available to meet your unique business needs.


MV2's ERP system compatibility has been tested and integrated with many popular ERP systems. Our integration team is highly experienced at connecting MV2 shop floor management functionality to other systems.

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