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Frequently Asked Questions

Can MV2 integrate with my existing ERP system?

Yes! Our highly experienced team of integrations experts allows us to bridge this gap and make our MV2 MES system compatible with various ERP solutions. Talk to our team about compatibility today!

Is a cloud-based MES secure?

While we can’t speak for other products, MV2 prioritizes data security. It employs industry-standard security protocols like role-based access control to restrict user permissions and data encryption to safeguard sensitive information.

What is a Manufacturing Execution (MES) System?

An MES system, which stands for Manufacturing Execution System, acts like a central nervous system for a factory floor. It connects machines, people, and data to provide a holistic view of production in real-time. An MES systems bridges the gap between planning (ERP systems) and execution on the factory floor. MV2 improves visibility, control, and efficiency in manufacturing operations.

How does an MES and ERP work together?

ERP systems handle the big picture, managing finances, inventory, and planning across a business. MES systems zoom in on the factory floor, tracking real-time production data. They work together seamlessly: ERP sends production plans to MES, which executes them and feeds real-time data back. This two-way flow optimizes production, reduces costs, and keeps businesses agile.