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MV2 is a powerful and robust Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that helps manufacturing firms get the most out of their existing resources and processes at a fraction of the cost of hiring workers or adding automation.
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What is MV2?

The MV2 Manufacturing Execution System platform connects machines, data, and people for a complete shop floor view. It boosts existing resources by integrating with equipment and ERP systems. Real-time data empowers informed decisions for maximized output and quality. This powerful MES delivers results with tools that increase visibility and speed, enhancing efficiency and on-time delivery.

Monitor the Full Manufacturing Process

MV2 acts as a central nervous system for manufacturing. It gathers real-time data from everything – machines, PLCs, human input – to provide a complete picture of the production process.

Make Better Decisions with Data

MV2 empowers managers with a holistic view of production. With real-time data, it can reveal bottlenecks, resource utilization, and overall performance. This allows for data-driven decisions to optimize scheduling, boost efficiency, and proactively address potential problems.

Manage Documents & Quicken Data Flow

MV2 eliminates paper-based processes and human error by collecting data directly from machines and sensors. This not only reduces clerical mistakes but also speeds up production by instantly delivering routing information, orders, and materials lists exactly where they’re needed on the shop floor.

Connect the Floor to the Front Office

MV2 MES seamlessly connects to your ERP system, automatically sharing real-time production data across your entire company. This empowers departments like purchasing, shipping, and leadership to make informed decisions based on the latest shop floor activity.

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Track Labor up to 63% Better

Reduce Downtime on the Shop Floor

Up to 27% Less Scrap

Remove Paper on the Shop Floor

Decrease Employee Training Costs

Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Improve Shop Floor Visibility and Velocity

Enhance Inventory Accuracy

MV2 Capabilities

Optimize production by monitoring, tracking, and controlling everything that happens from raw materials to finished goods. MV2 MES software boasts a range of capabilities that boost efficiency, improve quality control, and reduce costs.

Industry 4.0

Real-time data exchange and intelligent decision-making for connected manufacturing.

More Details

MV2 builds an accessible Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data storage database that can be used to analyze your production operations with a far greater level of granularity.

Cloud Capabilities

Sidestep the hassle of onsite management and scale quickly to meet demand.

More Details

MV2 offers cloud-based hosting to provide your business with a scalable, reliable and secure solution.

Multiple Platforms

Utilize the software on a range of devices for easy integration and adoption.

More Details

MV2 can be run from desktops, tablets, and various mobile devices. This provides maximum communication, visibility, and flexibility throughout the shop floor.

Connect to any ERP

Connect effortlessly to your existing ERP system for rapid deployment.

More Details

MV2 seamlessly integrates with existing ERP systems, creating a unified platform for real-time production data and optimized decision-making.


Seamlessly move data to and from the shop floor.

More Details

MV2 solves the challenge of reliably collecting and analyzing production data. The MV2 MES collects needed operational data directly from machines and production operations.


Safeguard sensitive data and prevent operational disruptions.

More Details

MV2 prioritizes data security. It employs industry-standard security protocols like role-based access control to restrict user permissions and data encryption to safeguard sensitive information.

Why is Cloud-Based MES Important for Manufacturers?

Cloud computing empowers manufacturers by reducing costs through eliminating the need for in-house IT staff and expensive hardware. It also scales seamlessly to meet growing data demands and frees up your team to focus on core business functions. Learn more on this and how a cloud-based MES can mitigate disaster recovery.
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How MV2 Works

MV2 is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software platform that connects, monitors, and coordinates complex manufacturing systems, data flows, as well as people on a shop floor. MV2 provides a holistic understanding of the production floor and its operation.

Job Information Routing & Sequencing

Kanban Operations

Inventory Locations, Staging, and Routing

Worker Attendance, Job Assignments, and Process Logging

Deeply Integrated with Manufacturing Operations

Remove guessing & hesitation in production by having access to directions, schematics, videos & more – Do the job right the 1st time!

Take advantage of Digital Work Instructions

Have access to directions, schematics, videos and more – Do the job right the 1st time!

Remove guessing and hesitation in production

Oversee and synchronize the execution of manufacturing operations and improve the production output of the factory.

Focus time on doing, rather than reading and typing.

Minimize input by utilizing touchscreens, bar codes, and “predictive” transactions (that only need confirmation, not data entry), workers will save keystrokes and footsteps.

A Quick Look into MV2

Frequently Asked Questions

Can MV2 integrate with my existing ERP system?

Yes! Our highly experienced team of integrations experts allows us to bridge this gap and make our MV2 MES system compatible with various ERP solutions. Talk to our team about compatibility today!

Is a cloud-based MES secure?

While we can’t speak for other products, MV2 prioritizes data security. It employs industry-standard security protocols like role-based access control to restrict user permissions and data encryption to safeguard sensitive information.

What is a Manufacturing Execution (MES) System?

An MES system, which stands for Manufacturing Execution System, acts like a central nervous system for a factory floor. It connects machines, people, and data to provide a holistic view of production in real-time. An MES systems bridges the gap between planning (ERP systems) and execution on the factory floor. MV2 improves visibility, control, and efficiency in manufacturing operations.

How does an MES and ERP work together?

ERP systems handle the big picture, managing finances, inventory, and planning across a business. MES systems zoom in on the factory floor, tracking real-time production data. They work together seamlessly: ERP sends production plans to MES, which executes them and feeds real-time data back. This two-way flow optimizes production, reduces costs, and keeps businesses agile.

All-in-one Manufacturing Software Solution

Your one-stop for a smarter shop floor. This powerful production software tracks employee attendance, monitors inventory levels in real-time, and provides detailed production data. Eliminate data silos and gain complete control over your manufacturing operations with MV2’s all-in-one solution.


MV2's ERP system compatibility has been tested and integrated with many popular ERP systems. Our integration team is highly experienced at connecting MV2 shop floor management functionality to other systems.

Why Cloud-based MES?

A cloud-based MES gives you the ability to implement, scale, and pivot quickly to meet your business needs. Learn more about the advantages and security integrations of MV2.

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Track attendance, inventory, production, and more with the all-in-one MV2 manufacturing operations management software solution. Learn more about the MV2 modules available to meet your unique business needs.


MV2's ERP system compatibility has been tested and integrated with many popular ERP systems. Our integration team is highly experienced at connecting MV2 shop floor management functionality to other systems.


MV2 has saved us thousands of dollars. The main features we use are labor reporting, barcodes and wireless devices. This give us the mobility to do inventory transactions without paper. We now have visibility.

We installed MV2 in 4 of our facilities in 2015. Since then, I have never doubted that MV2 was the right team to work with. From the sale to the support, they have been a partner through it all. When others ask me why they should go with MV2, I give a very simple answer, “Because it just works”.

— Dan Priebe, Director of Manufacturing Operations
Western States

Labor reporting is much more reliable. More accurate data has allowed us to focus attention and resources on problem areas to improve our performance. [MV2] has increased intra-departmental communications and simplified communication overall.

— Jennifer Horner, Project Manager

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Driving success across industries.

MV2 MES transcends industries, empowering manufacturers from automotive to aerospace. It integrates seamlessly with existing ERPs, providing real-time data for optimized decisions. Achieve superior quality, reduce waste, and gain a competitive edge. See what MV2 can do for your industry.

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